The concept of the blockchain field is proposed very quickly, there are hot topics at all times, and each stage has a new thing.

Recently, the popularity of the DeFi field is now shifting from the AC system to the Rebase system.


The current global market enthusiasm is primarily the mainstream Bitcoin. In addition, the DeFi field seems to be sluggish. But in fact, the Rebase project is quietly growing crazily. From budding to small giants, all this seems to happen overnight. Let us reveal the latest hot spot, Rebase, the latest hot spot!

At the same time, current blockchain projects tend to sacrifice a certain degree of decentralization in order to achieve higher performance. The future world is in a mixed form. Any path will be explored. The ultimate decision is human needs, not technology itself. Regardless of whether it is centralization or decentralization, in the end, a sufficiently solid value proposition is required. This value proposition will be sustainable or unsustainable for a long time because of its characteristics. If we can give full play to our advantages in their respective fields, will it be the future development direction to form a form of mixed progress at different levels?


In the Rebase1.0 stage, the supply and demand relationship of currency was adjusted through the simple and crude principle of inflation and deflation. But in addition to the limited application scenarios, the biggest problem is that it is prone to “death spiral” stepping, because when the currency value is less than 1, it will trigger panic among the holders, so in this case, we must reduce users. To achieve the purpose of deflation with the coins in hand, it will cause further panic, then continue to increase selling pressure, and then more panic… Such a vicious circle is called a “death spiral”.

And Rebase2.0 improves the shortcomings of the ever-changing wallet balance in the previous rebase mechanism. The purpose is to increase the application scenarios of rebase stable coins and solve the “death spiral” problem.

To what extent Rebase will develop in the future, we don’t know, but we can be sure that Rebase will develop in a more stable and convenient way.


Etheric intelligencex is essentially a new type of cryptocurrency. Its supply is flexible and can be changed every day. At the same time, the Etheric intelligence tokens in the hands of holders will never be diluted.

In the short term, Etheric intelligencex aims to diversify the cryptocurrency portfolio by comparing it with other cryptocurrencies. In the medium term, its goal is to serve as collateral in the DeFi agreement. The long-term goal of Etheric intelligence is to create an alternative to central bank currencies that can adapt to shocks. Regarding the Etheric intelligence tokens, remember that in addition to the price, you must look at the number of tokens to combine the specific circumstances of your personal investment portfolio.

In the future, many people will be willing to trade with smart traders on decentralized exchanges. If you want to implement centralized exchanges on decentralized exchanges, buying low and selling high in advance is as convenient as commissioned trading. , Then you need to use the Ethereum smart transaction, you must hold the EI currency, put the EI currency in the Ethereum smart trader’s contract, use it for one day, and withdraw the currency at any time if you don’t want to use it; so EI currency The value of at least one hundred times currency and thousand times currency, the sooner you hold the more money.


We have also gained a lot of knowledge about the launch of Uniswap and will conduct powerful anti-robot measurements to prevent the front end from running and ensure that our ReBASE launch is as smooth as possible.

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